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Total website security

Build digital immunity with our WordPress security service. Our A.I. system learns from each infection or hack accross our entire network of managed sites helping your site become more secure over time. But our WordPress security service is more than just ogoing protection - we'll actually remove the malware from your site when we detect it at no additional cost. 

Female WordPress security service expert performing WordPress malware removal
WordPress malware removal service being performed by WordPress security service expert

WordPress malware removal

We don't just scan for it - we also remove it for you. While some services alert you of problems, they leave you to fix it yourself. Malware is a time-sensitive issue. When we find it, we start working to remove it immediately.

Our daily malware scans search for both complex malware and backdoor issues that other services don't check. Beyond the WordPress malware removal, we provide security patches, password changes, and recommendations to help you prevent it going forward.

Our A.I system learns from each malware infection helping your site build digital immunity from the same threats in the future.

Digital immunity for your website

Our WordPress security service includes an A.I. defense system. When your site is hacked or compromised in any manner, our system learns from the incident. This builds digital immunity for your website so it can't be infected by the same attack in the future.

We also monitor your website in real time for suspicious activity. If we find robotic web surfing, resource hogs, or malicious login attempts, we'll kick off the user or device responsible for it. Once kicked off they'll be banned from visiting or viewing your website in the future. When a threat occurs, we respond.

WordPress security service icon on computer keyboard
Firewall management on phone done by WordPress security service

Hacker defense & response

Wish your website had a fence with cameras and guards? Our WordPress security service provides just that. We implement a firewall around your website to block hackers and bots from entering in the first place. Visitors who enter your website are monitored for suspicious activity. Any devices or users found engaging in this activity get kicked out and banned from re-entering your website.

Website vulnerabilities are also scanned and detected. These are security weaknesses inside the wall. Our monitoring system notifies us when a plugin or WordPress vulnerability is discovered. We update the plugin and fix the vulnerability before hackers exploit it. If a threat does get through, our malware scans and 24/7 monitoring notify us so we can take action.

WordPress updates done for you

Out-of-date WordPress items are the leading cause of malware and hacks. We update your plugins, themes, and WordPress core on a daily basis. This ensures you have the latest security patches in place.

As a plugin or theme grows more out of date, it becomes more vulnerable to the latest threats. Even the latest versions can have oversights that require immediate patches. We handle all these updates for you. This keeps your site up-to-date and guarded from malicious actors.

WordPress security service seen updating plugins on tablet
Desktop screen showing WordPress security service report summary on daily website backups

Daily website backups

We make daily backups for worst case scenarios and simple mistakes. Our secure cloud server retains up to 90 days of daily website backups. If something happens to your website, your personal backups, or even your hosting server itself, we have you covered.

Storing website backups on our secure cloud server saves space and bandwidth on your hosting server. This also keeps website copies safely away from your web server where mistakes and hacks occur. If you ever need a single plugin or the entire website restored to a certain day, we're prepared to do it for you. And you can preview the previous version before it goes live.

Website health reports

Get a monthly report on our WordPress security service tasks. We'll send you a monthly report that summarizes all our daily security and maintenance activities over the last 30 days. You'll get a bird's eye view on malicious traffic blocks, plugin updates, malware removal, backups, website uptime and more.

The reports are easy to read. You don't need to be a website expert to understand our reports. We break everything down in a summarized and visual manner that's easy to understand. 

WordPress security service monthly reporting shown on phone

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WordPress security service

Common Questions

We update your WordPress plugins on a daily basis. We also perform daily theme and WordPress version updates. This is crucial to ensuring your website gets the latest security patches.

Sometimes we may wait a day or two if the latest update has a problem or if compatibility is in question. Otherwise, we perform updates as soon as possible to patch any vulnerabilities.

We do both for you. WordPress malware removal is included along with daily scans. Our daily malware scans search for both complex malware and backdoor issues. If malware is found, we're notified so we can identify the infection and remove it for you.

You don't have to worry about logging into your site to see scan results. Everything is done on our security network so we can be notified and respond for you.

Yes. If your WordPress website is broken or goes down, we can fix it. Whether it's a plugin update gone wrong, malware, or a hack, we have measures in place to make things right.

If an issue cannot be corrected or reversed we have daily backups of your website on file that we can quickly reinstall.

Brute force attacks are multiple login attempts on your site performed by bot or hacker. Hackers will use software to guess usernames and passwords to gain access to websites.

Our brute force protection blocks these attempts by banning the IP address that the attacks are originating from. This means that hackers and bots will be blocked from even viewing your website let alone accessing the login page.

To learn more about what brute force attacks are and simple mistakes you can avoid, click here.

No, our website backup services will not interfere with any backup plugins or web hosting backups you're currently running. Our backups also won't take up space on your hosting server or impact website performance.

All the daily backups made of your site are performed and stored on our secure servers away from your hosting server.

Yes. The leading cause of malware and website vulnerabilities are out-of-date WordPress plugins and themes. Updates include security patches in addition to functions and features. It's important to apply these patches as soon as possible, which is why we perform your WordPress updates daily.

We provide 24/7 uptime monitoring to ensure that your website is online and available to the public. You don't have time to check your website every day or hour. And too often, people will find that thier website has been down for weeks without knowing about it.

Our uptime monitoring service notifies us if your website goes offline for any reason. Whether it's a server issue, expired domain name, invalid SSL, or something else, we'll be notified so we can begin taking action to get your website back online.

Website size and traffic doesn't matter when it comes to security. Most hacks and malware attacks are performed by software these days, and it's not always done at random or based on website stature. Often times, websites are targeted based on vulnerability. In other words, if your website is running a plugin or theme version with known vulnerabilities, you're a target for malicious software that's searching for it.

Yes, we can offer custom security solutions based on your site, threats, and other factors.

Site hardening is available in addition to masked login pages, CDN integration, and more upon request.

While we don't reveal details for obvious security reasons, our security system taps into a network of over 200,000 websites. The system learns from various attacks across the web and applies these patches to our firewall. Each time a threat is discovered on one of our network sites, our system learns from it and makes sure the protection is passed onto your site.

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