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Feature & Service Questions

Most website requests are completed in 1 business day or less. Every task is different and depends on the complexity of your request. Complex tasks may need to be escalated to our Development Team and this can elongate turnaround time. Please keep this in mind if your needs require any degree of web development or technical troubleshooting.

Our WordPress website maintenance services are performed every day. Daily tasks include:

  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • WordPress installation updates
  • PHP updates (when accessible or possible and safe)
  • SSL fixes
  • Daily website backups
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Malware scans & removal
  • Vulnerability checks
  • And more

Website security is all included, which you can read more about in the next question below.

All our management plans include full WordPress security tasks that range from daily activities to real-time defense. Our security tasks include:

  • Daily malware & virus scans
  • Malware & virus removal
  • Hacker login blocking
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Firewall install & management
  • Spam defense for contact forms & comments
  • IP bans for suspicious devices and users
  • IP throttling for bots
  • Malicious redirect fixes
  • Removal of unauthorized links
  • Daily website backups
  • Partial / Full website restoration
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Daily site software updates
  • SSL status detection
  • And more

Other services are also available upon request, which include: site hardening, 2 factor authentication, and more.

There are some websites we cannot manage. Exceptions are made if certain functions are provided by a third party and we’re not expected to manage or support that 3rd party function or area of the website.The list below contains examples of websites and/or certain functions we do not support or manage:

  • Membership-based functions
  • Subscription-based functions
  • Online course / lessons functions
  • Marketplace functions (think Amazon or Yelp)
  • Auction functions (e.g. eBay)
  • Directory listing functions (aka, Craigslist or YellowPages)

Yes. We can create a custom quote for a full website redesign. Our team can redesign your website using today’s hottest trends combined with tried-and-true layouts. Let us create something unique, modern, and tailored to your business. A website redesign isn't something that can be done in an hour or two, of course. However, we can take your ideas or examples and provide a custom quote. 

To get your custom quote and view general package pricing, click here.

Yes, the majority of our management plans include website edits and changes done by our team at your request. If you need us to change pictures, modify text, edit your design, add pages, update your menu, and more. The majority of our plans include a dedicated webmaster who's on-call to complete your requests and provide personal one-on-one support. The only plan that does not include a webmaster or website edits done for you is our basic maintenance plan. Click here to learn more and compare plans.

No - you don't have to change anything. You can keep your website hosting, domain name, domain registrar, and everything just the way it is. All we need is login access to the critical site elements to safely manage your site so we can fix any issues that arise.

All you're doing is granting us access so we can help. Nothing else changes - the only difference is you now have website experts on-call to help when you need it.

Website Help Questions

The best way to send your changes is with our Sticky Note Tool. Our tool lets you click on the exact thing you want us to edit and leave a digital sticky note with instructions and attachments. We’re notified immediately and can see exactly where you clicked and what you want. We’re also able to see technical data with each of your comments – the device you’re using, your screen size, browser type, and more. All this information is extremely helpful when trying to understand mobile website issues or something strange on your particular computer. It’s like we’re sitting right next to you while you point at your screen. 

Check out the video below for a short demonstration on how our tool works.

The tool can be accessed and viewed with a simple link from any device. We create a unique link that takes you to a login page. After you login, you’ll be taken directly to your site where the Sticky Note Tool is now visible. Watch this quick 30 second clip to see how it works

We can also customize how the tool appears or how it can be accessed depending on your needs. The tool can be made public to everyone and no special link is required. Or if you just want the tool made available to a select group of people, we can create a unique link that doesn’t require a login.

Yes. Our sticky note tool works phones, tablets, and laptops in addition to most major browsers. Whether you prefer to use an iPad, a phone, a laptop, or even your desktop computer, the tool is designed for convenience so you can make send a request and get website help anywhere, anytime.

No, our sticky note tool won't slow down your site. We can setup our tool in multiple ways to accommodate your specific site needs. All major sticky note functions take place on our server, which is separate from your site.

WordPress Questions

Yes. We update your WordPress plugins for you on a daily basis. We also do daily updates on your WordPress theme and your WordPress installation versions itself.

Yes, we specialize in WordPress. We can handle everything from edits and changes to your WordPress website design. We’ll also handle your plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress updates, and more. We can even consult you on various WordPress themes, plugins and alternatives, performance optimization and other common WordPress options.

Yes. All our maintenance services are designed to be WordPress site care plans. Our plans range from simple maintenance to more complex full management. All plans include daily plugin updates, theme updates, and WordPress core updates. We also manage website health, function and security with daily malware scans and removal; plugin vulnerabilities, firewall management; daily backups; 24/7 uptime monitoring and more.

We also offer plans to help with WooCommerce and other complex items.

Click here to view all our plans and pricing.

Yes. In addition to daily malware scans and detection, we also remove any malware found. If you're looking for WordPress malware removal, and not just scans, we have you covered.

Billing & Terms Questions

Nope. There is no contract for our website maintenance plans. Our website managment service is truly month-to-month so you can cancel or resume at anytime. You simply agree to our terms & conditions which you can view here. Let us know if you have any questions or if something doesn’t make sense. We’re happy to help.

Absolutely. Our service is truly month-to-month, so you can cancel anytime. There’s no contract or cancellation fees.

Keep in mind, if you’re going to cancel you’ll want to do so before your next billing occurs as there are no refunds. This is because we begin your daily website maintenance and security tasks once your monthly bill successfully renews. Your website maintenance and security are tasks we perform (e.g daily backups, etc) without your request until service is canceled.

Lastly, if or when you resume service, any setup fees will apply so we can redo our initial webmaster setup and site health inspection in preparation of managing your site again.

If your website maintenance plan includes personal support and monthly time, you can use it in a number of ways. You can use monthly support time towards having us make website edits, fixes or design changes at your request. You can also use your monthly time towards phone calls if you'd like to discuss something, get advice, or have a consultation.

No problem. You can always wait for your plan's monthly time to reset the next month or purchase additional hours as necessary. If your tasks are not urgent and can wait, you can wait until your time resets the next month and we'll simply resume your to-do list. If you prefer not to wait or have something urgent, you can purchase additional hour as you see fit for $79/hr.

Even if you don’t need something, your website does. Like anything else, a website will eventually fall apart if it isn’t maintained properly. We perform regular website maintenance and security every month. You can read more about what’s included with our website security and ongoing maintenance in the next question.

No, you don’t give up anything. Rest assured, you always own and control everything when you bring us on to help with your website. Our subscriptions simple give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your website is backed up, monitored at all times, and in the case of our Webmaster and eCommerce Plans, you have a dedicated account manager standing by to help. There’s no need to change your hosting, domain, or anything else. We can typically work with your site as it stands or we can make recommendations if there are issues with the current setup. We’re simply on-call to help you edit and manage your site at your request. 

Not at all. You can keep your current hosting and you can keep your domain name registered right where it is. No transfers or migrations required. There are times when we find that a client's hosting environment is not adequate for their website. While this scenario is rare, we do see it. If it is the case for you, we will inform you and provide you with a list of hosting recommendations and price ranges for your consideration.

Other Questions

Yes. We offer fully managed hosting. If you'd like us to manage your website hosting in addition to your website itself, we can do it. Click here to view our website hosting plans.

No contract. No risk.

Our website management services are month-to-month. We don’t contract our business – we earn it every month. Let us handle your website changes, fixes, maintenance, and security. Give us a try.