Webmaster FAQ

If you have webmaster questions, our webmaster FAQ has answers. Don’t see the Q&A you’re looking for? No problem. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your website management questions. You can email, chat or call us: 800-730-4443.

You webmaster can complete most website requests and edits in 24 hours or less during business days. In some cases, a simple request can often be completed in less than a minute if we’re on the phone with you. Every request is different. Sometimes, 20 requests will take 15 minutes while one request can take an hour. We’ll let you know if your edits are going to take longer than normal so you know what to expect.

While you can always call or email your personal webmaster, the quickest and most accurate way to send your changes is with our Website Request Tool. It lets you leave digital sticky notes right on your site with instructions and even attachments. It’s like we’re right next to you while you’re pointing at your screen. The tool works from any device and your webmaster is notified instantaneously after each note you leave. Using this tool, you’ll be able to leave multiple requests in less time than it takes you to open up your email or even dial a phone number. Watch this video to see how it works.

A personal webmaster comes standard with our website management services. That means you get to speak with the same person each and be on a first-name basis with an expert that’s already familiar with you, your business, and your website. You’ll get your webmaster’s direct phone line and personal email, so you can get straight through to him without any robo-options, phone trees, extensions, or receptionists.

In addition, we also offer general staff support through our toll free number and general mailbox. Chat and online submission tools are also available. The favorite tool by far among clients is our website request tool – click here to watch a video on simple and easy it is to use.

The tool can be accessed and viewed with a simple link from any device. We create a unique link that takes you to a login page. After you login, you’ll be taken directly to your site with the website request tool now made visible. Watch this quick this quick 30 second video to see how it works.

We can also customize how the tool appears or how it can be accessed depending on your needs. The tool can be made public to everyone and no special link is required. Or if you just want the tool made available to a select group of people, we can create a unique link that doesn’t require a login.

Yes! Our website request tool will work on any phone, tablet, device, or major browser. Whether you prefer to use an iPad, a phone, a laptop, or even your desktop computer, the tool is designed for convenience so you can make a website request anywhere, anytime.

No, not at all. Our website request tool isn’t a piece of software or a plugin that’s actually installed on your or running on your site. When it comes to your site, the only thing we do is copy and paste a small piece of code on your site that communicates with the tool. The tool itself is all powered on our server completely separate from your site.

Even if you don’t have frequent requests or ongoing needs, your website does. Like anything else, a website will eventually fall apart if it isn’t maintained properly. Your webmaster will perform website maintenance and any software or plugin updates to keep your site working properly and compatible with all the latest devices, phones, and browsers. Your website is an important asset – protect it and insure it by adding an expert to your team.

Yes, we specialize in WordPress and it’s the most common website platform our Webmaster Services cover. We can handle everything from edits and changes to plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress updates, and more. We can even consult you on various WordPress themes, plugins and alternatives, performance optimization and other common WordPress options.

Nope. There is no contract for our website management services and you can cancel any time. Our service is truly month-to-month and there are no cancellation fees nor are there any outstanding balances as our services are charge upfront each month. You simply agree to our Terms & Conditions of service which outlines how everything works.

Please note, if you are not using our website management services and are instead hiring us as a contractor to simply design a custom site that you will then own, control, and manage yourself, there is a contract that outlines deposits, installements, etc – however, there is no contractual obligations with our website management service plans as advertised on the site. If we’re creating a custom solution for you that falls outside the scope of our core subscription products and features, we may create a unique contract specifically for your needs should a custom solution require it.

Yes. Our team will create a full website redesign based on today’s hottest trends combined with tried-and-true layouts to create something unique, modern, and tailored to your business. It’s included with your subscription.

Yes. If you don’t need website management services and just need custom website design services, we can help. We offer traditional website quotes and custom estimates. We also offer flat-rate buy out prices for each of our website management plans. That means we can give you a custom quote or offer you a flat rate price for set features. You can also start with on of our management plans (starting at $99/mo) to see what we can do and then purchase your website outright if you like what you see, but don’t want a monthly fee and would prefer to manage the website’s edits, updates, troublshooting, security, backups, and everything else yourself. Our pricing for flat rate purchases on custom web designs starts at $2500. Our pricing for WordPress setup and Theme/Template Installations starts at $350.

Your old website will stay online while we create your new one so there is no downtime. Once you’ve had a chance to view your new website design, your revisions are completed, and you’re ready to go live, we’ll point your domain name to our server and your new website will go online. Your old website will remain on your old hosting server (it will not be publicly visible or accessible), so if you ever choose to cancel your subscription with SetMySite, you have the ability to revert back to your old website. However, keep in mind you’ll need to continue paying for hosting from your previous hosting company in order to maintain your old website.


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