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Dedicated site manager

Talk to the same website expert every time. You'll have their direct phone line and personal email for easy access. Be on a first-name basis with the webmaster managing your website design changes, content edits, fixes, maintenance, and security. No waiting on hold, getting passed to different reps, or having to re-explain things. Your site manager will be familiar with both you and your website.

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Webmaster service employee handling daily website tasks

Edits, fixes & upkeep done for you

We'll handle website design changes and technical fixes at your request. Need to replace a picture, edit text, add a new page or fix a contact form? Your website manager is ready to do it all for you. 

Our webmasters are experienced in design, development, and troubleshooting. We're ready to complete any request or to-do list you might have. The average turnaround time for tasks is 1 business day.

In addition to your requests, we're busy performing daily maintenance and security tasks on your site. Tasks include daily plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress updates, malware scans and removal, 24/7 uptime monitoring, daily backups, and more. 

Request help with a simple click

Leave a digital sticky note right on the front of your website. Our Sticky Note Tool lets you click on the exact website object you want us to edit, fix, or change. A comment box pops up so you can type your instructions and add attachments. Our team can see exactly where you clicked and what you want.

Our Sticky Note Tool is quicker than a phone call, easier than email, and faster than support tickets. It's like we're sitting right next to you while you point at your screen and tell us what to do. And if we have a question, we can leave a reply on your note. Conversations stay clean and organized on each individual task.

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Phone call with female website expert about WordPress help

Direct phone & email support

Call or email your dedicated website manager directly. No more random support reps or having to re-explain yourself every time you need something. Get straight through to the website expert who is already familiar with both you and your website.

Your site manager is your primary contact person here at SetMySite. Even when you go to leave a sticky note on your site, your website manager is personally notified, along with the rest of the team assigned to your account.

You'll be on a first-name basis with the expert managing your website and handling your requests.

Based in the USA

Our webmaster service was born in Los Angeles, CA in 2010 and now operates in Las Vegas, NV. We are proudly based in the USA with staff spread out across Nevada, California, Texas, and Illinois.

As a small business ourselves, we understand how important communication and customer service is. Speaking with someone who understands you (and that you can understand) is paramount. All our dedicated website managers are native English speakers who can explain complicated technical matters in simple terms. We pride ourselves on patience, clarity, and responding quickly.

In addition to premium customer support and website edits done for you, our webmaster service includes daily website maintenance and security. We'll handle your plugin updates, malware removal, daily backups, and more.

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Dedicated webmaster service

Common Questions

Yes, we can edit your website's design, replace pictures, change colors, add and remove sections or pages, and more. Our webmaster service includes everything from fixes and troubleshooting to design modifications.

Yes, you can call your dedicated site manager on their direct phone line. You'll get to talk to the same person every time. Your website manager will be familiar with you and your website, which prevents the hassle of having to explain things over and over.

Yes. Your site manager will be able to fix errors and perform website troubleshooting for you. Whether it's a contact form that's not sending messages or a function that's not working, we can investigate the issue and fix it for you.

Our turnaround time for website requests is typically 24 hours (1 business day). If your requests are going to take longer, we'll let you know. Some requests are very straight forward and we can complete 20 tasks within an hour. Other requests are more complex where one single request could take longer. Either way, we'll let you know when it's done or what to expect.

Yes. Our webmaster service isn't just for content changes or design edits. We also include regular daily website maintenance as a part of the service. This means will make sure your software stays up to date, the site is secure, and that your website is online and available for visitors. We also include a daily backup of your website for worst case scenarios in addition to other daily maintenance and security features. These are all tasks that we perform without you asking. Of course, we're on call to complete any requests you might have and answer questions as well. 

Yes, we specialize in WordPress websites. We'll handle your plugin updates, malware removal, maintenance, and security for you. We're also on call for content edits and design changes. If you're looking for a WordPress webmaster service, we can help.

Yes, we'll update your WordPress plugins, themes, and WordPress core for you. We check for and perform updates on a daily basis. We also make a daily backup of your website files and website database in case there's a problem with the latest version of an update. We'll also troubleshoot any issues related to recent updates (e.g. website down, site broken, error messages, etc).

Our Sticky Note Tool is the best way to send us your tasks and to-do list. The tool let's you view your site like a visitor and click right on the thing you want us to edit, change, or fix. A digital sticky note pops up so you can type instructions and attach any files. We can see exactly where you clicked and what you want. Learn more about our sticky note tool here.

No. Our webmaster services are month-to-month with no contracts or cancellation fees. You can get started or cancel anytime. We prefer to earn our business each and every month - not contract it.

If you're already a client - yes. We make a daily backup of all WordPress websites in case every other troubleshooting attempt fails. 

If you're not a customer yet, we can often still help get your site backup depending on the issue and reason for the website outage.

Sometimes, your website may appear down when it's actually up. To check and confirm, you can use this free 3rd party service.

More Features

Our webmaster service is more than just website editing done for you - see all the other features you get.

Get a personal expert assigned to you and your website. Website help is only a click away with our easy sticky note tool. Need a website edit, change or fix? We'll handle all your website needs for you. And if you never have a request, we keep busy with daily website maintenance and security tasks. We update plugins daily, fix errors, scan and remove malware, provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, make daily backups and more. Let us keep your site healthy, secure and up to date.

No contract. No risk.

Our website management services are month-to-month. We don’t contract our business – we earn it every month. Let us handle your website changes, fixes, maintenance, and security. Give us a try.