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24/7 website monitoring

Get total peace of mind with our 24/7 website uptime monitoring service. Other monitoring services notify you when your website goes down, but you're left figuring out how to get it back up. Our service provides both monitoring as well as website restoration. If your site goes down, we're notified and ready to take action to get it back online for you.

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Checked every 60, 30, or 1 minute

If your website goes offline, we'll know right away. We can check your site's status every hour, half hour, or even every minute depending on your needs.

Some websites go down everyday for a couple minutes, but the owners are unaware there's an issue. Other sites are down for months before the owner realizes their domain name expired and was purchased by someone else.

Downtime happens, but we can minimize it and in many cases prevent it all together. Let our website uptime monitoring service identify issues, protect your domain name, and guard your reputation with customers and search engines.

Action taken during a crash

Downtime notifications are nice, but fixes are better. Most monitoring services tell you if your site goes down, but that's it. We are one of the few monitors that will also take action to fix your website's issue and get it back up.

In the event of downtime, we'll get technical details on the outage so we know where to start looking. Whether it's an expired domain, malware, hosting outage, server overload, security breach, or a plugin update gone wrong, we'll find the fix and start working on it.

Don't come home from a long day only to be notified of more problems that you're supposed to figure out or fix. We get the notifications and fix the issue for you.

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Scan for false positives

You see your website, but can anyone else? Seeing your website doesn't mean it's actually online. You could be looking at a "cached," version of your website (a temporary browser copy). Meanwhile, the live site is down for everyone else. 

Our website uptime monitoring service checks for false positives and caching. We ping multiple elements of your website to make sure it's actually online. We check page links, sitemaps, status codes, WordPress heartbeat, SSL, and other factors required for site availability.

Customized monitoring is also available for unique status codes, HTTP methods, login authentication, custom headers and more. We tailor our monitoring to your website and any unique issues that you need resolved.

Know before it goes down

Fix website issues before they happen. A website can go down for many reasons. Some problems can be fixed before they happen or before they get worse.

We can notify you and help you with an SSL certificate renewal before it expires. Prevent domain name and hosting expirations by adding us as a contact on the account. If your web server is becoming increasingly unstable, we can transfer your site to another server before it's too late. And if a plugin has a known vulnerability, chances are we've already updated it.

All these features come standard with our website uptime monitoring service. We'll help you achieve better uptime by preventing common issues that cause downtime in the first place.

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Website uptime monitoring service

Common Questions

Even if you can see your website, that doesn't mean it's actually online. And just because a visitor says your website is down doesn't mean it actually is.

Caching, firewall blocks, and local internet connections can provide false positives or false negatives. In other words, these things can make the site appear that it's online for certain users when it's actually down, or appear down when it's actually up.

Caching is a process where website files are copied and temporarily stored - or cached - in order to display them quicker to return website visitors. In other words, it's a way to give the appearance of faster website load times to frequent visitors.

However, this can provide false positives. In addition to giving the appearance of faster website load times, it can also give the appearance that your website is online when it's actually down. This is one reason your website can appear that it's up when it is actually down for others.

We check multiple website elements beyond links and pages to avoid false positives due to caching.

Just like a website can appear to be up when it's down, it can also appear to be down when it's actually up. If you can't see your website, it may be a caching issue. This is often corrected by simply clearing your browser's cache. In other more rare circumstances, you may also need to clear your device's cache as well as your WiFi router's cache. Caching is everyone where these days.

Beyond caching, you may be getting blocked by a firewall, which ban's your device's IP address. Local internet connection problems are also common - you think your website is down, but in reality you can't access any website because your internet connection is down or unstable.

We can help you confirm and troubleshoot all these different possibilities.

Yes - we'll get your site backup as long as we have access to all the site elements we need and the issue is something we're allowed to handle.

In some circumstances, your action may be required and we will contact you. For example, if your website goes down because the domain name expired due to outdated billing information, we'll contact you so you can add a new credit or debit card to your registrar account.

If the "website down" issue is technical and does not require your action or input, we'll simply get started on fixing the issue for you.

Yes. If you're subscribed to each of your plugin or theme providers, you may get an email about a current vulnerability (aka, security oversight); they then urge you to update the plugin or theme immediately to the latest / fixed version. Chances are you're not subscribed to every plugin and theme provider you use. Don't worry, we are.

In addition, our monitoring system scans WordPress repositories and major developers for known vulnerabilities. That means we can often update a vulnerable plugin or theme before it's exploited by a hacker or malware.

Yes, in most circumstances we can be alerted about domain name expirations so we can contact you. However, in order for us to be notified, you have to either share domain registrar access with us or add our email to the appropriate contact notification area.

Every domain registrar is different. While some registrars don't allow anyone but the owner to be notified, many registrars will allow you to add us as a contact for domain expiration notifications.

Yes. Our monitoring is more than just website uptime monitoring. We monitor for malware, hacks, suspicious activity, malicious login attempts, and more.

Even if your site doesn't technically go offline, it could have links posted on it that you never authorized, or your domain could be completely redirected to a spam website. What ever the case, we remove the malware, delete unauthorized links, and stop hijacked redirects. Read more about our full website security features here.

While there are multiple reasons your website can appear down when it's actually up, below are common reasons a website will actually go offline or crash:

  • Domain name expired
  • DNS records changed
  • Hosting expired or reconfigured wrong
  • Hosting server resources maxed out
  • Hosting server outage
  • CDN outage
  • Bandwidth or storage exceeded
  • SSL certificate expired or reinstalled incorrectly
  • Plugin update gets stalled or frozen
  • Incompatible plugins or version updates
  • Critical error takes place
  • Critical file modified, changed, or removed by mistake
  • Malware infection / malicious redirect
  • DDOS attack or brute force overload

The list goes on. Whatever the reason, if your website goes down we'll be notified and begin working to get it back up.

Certain websites will go down for a couple minutes every day, and then go backup. This intermittent up and downtime is typically due to insufficient hosting server resources. In other words, it's not a problem with your website itself but with the hosting server it sits on. It's a common problem for websites on cheap shared hosting where they share the server with other websites.

Yes. If your hosting server or hosting company is not providing a stable connection for your site to remain online consistently, we can transfer your website to a new hosting company or server. We're happy to examine your website, its technical needs, and traffic demands in an effort to help you choose a new hosting company or server environment that's appropriate for your website.

Each of our website management plans offer different intervals of uptime monitoring. Intervals range from every 60 minutes to every 1 minute depending on your site needs.

If you need a custom intervals or tailored monitoring for unique site elements, let us know. Our website uptime monitoring service can be molded to fit your website and hosting server concerns.

Yes. With all the confusing factors like caching, firewalls, internet connections and more, this can all be stressful and frustrating. However, there's a cool online service that's free and easy to use.

"Down for everyone or just me" let's you copy and paste your domain name link into their search bar and get the current status of your site. They'll check uncached DNS elements to confirm if your site is actually up or down for everyone, or if the issue is just specific to you.

While this is a great service for confirming an issue, they won't automatically notify you when an issue happens. You have to go to their website and manually confirm if the issue is real or perceived. Either way, they provide a great tool that you should consider keeping in your toolbox.

More Features

Our website uptime monitoring service is more than notifications and response - see all the other features you get.

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