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We'll fix your website

Get your website fixed with SetMySite's WordPress troubleshooting service. Whether it's contact form errors, visual issues, malware problems, or the dreaded "WordPress white screen of death," we'll fix it. We'll also prevent WordPress problems from happening through daily website maintenance tasks. Our experts are on-call to fix any website problem for you.

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Website contact form fixes

Not receiving contact form messages? Getting too much spam. Whatever the issue, we can troubleshoot and fix it. We fix Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and all types of WordPress contact form plugins to make sure you don't miss a message.

If contact form spam is flooding your inbox, we'll implement captcha challenges and other measures to battle the junk mail. We can also edit and customize your contact forms with new form fields, newsletter integrations, conditional logic adjustments, and styling changes. If you need a contact form fix or customization, we'll get it done.

WordPress critical errors & issues

Let us fix your WordPress critical error issues and plugin problems. It's not uncommon for something to stop working or look strange after a plugin update. Sometimes the website can even go down. We're on-call to fix these issues.

We can troubleshoot plugin errors or revert back to the previous plugin version until a corrective update becomes available.

The same goes for issues related to theme updates and WordPress versions. We'll update all these items for you on a daily basis and handle any compatibility problems that come with the territory.  

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"WordPress white screen of death"

Website down? Seeing the "WordPress white screen of death?" We're on-call to fix it and get your website back up and running quickly.

WordPress can get stuck in maintenance mode; result in a blank page; or even show warnings like "There has been a critical error on your website." Sometimes a script can exhaust your memory limit; other times it's an issue with plugin updates and compatibility.

Forward us any error messages or describe the issue you're having. Our WordPress troubleshooting service experts will handle the rest and let you know when everything's resolved.

Mobile website issues fixed

We fix mobile website issues and display problems. Parts of your website can get cluttered, cut off, or even hidden on phones. Phone numbers may not dial when tapped. Whatever the problem is, we can handle it.

You can also submit mobile issues directly from your phone through our Sticky Note Tool. The tool automatically records all your device specs along with a screenshot of what you're seeing. This saves both you and us time resulting in quicker fixes.

WordPress troubleshooting service highlighting mobile website issues fixed on multiple devices
Malware removal being performed by WordPress troubleshooting service employee

Malware removal done for you

Our WordPress troubleshooting service includes full site security. We scan for malware on a daily basis and remove it for you. Our scans check for complex malware and backdoor issues that other services miss. We also provide security patches, password changes, and other measures to prevent recurrences.

Other security tasks include 24/7 uptime monitoring, daily plugin updates, real-time firewall management, brute force protection, IP banning, daily website backups, SSL fixes, and more. Our goal is to prevent WordPress issues from happening in the first place.

3rd party integration solutions

We can help with newsletter syncing, payment integration, and more. If a 3rd party service is not working or communicating properly with your website, we'll get it working again. 3rd party services include MailChimp, Salesforce, Stripe payments, PayPal, Aweber, Google Analytics, Instagram feeds, PDFs, YouTube videos, Ecwid, and more.

If your 3rd party provider has instructions on how to correct a problem, you can forward those details to us and we'll handle it for you. If the issue is on the 3rd party's end, we'll let you know what it is so they can fix it.

Female WordPress troubleshooting service expert handling 3rd party integration solutions with logos of 3rd party services

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WordPress troubleshooting service

Common Questions

We offer multiple ways for you to send us your WordPress troubleshooting issue. You can always call your dedicated website manager on their direct line or send an email with a screenshot of the issue.

Alternatively, if your site is up and you can see the issue, you can use our easy Sticky Note Tool. Our tool lets you click on the exact element of your site that you want us to fix. A digital sticky note pops up letting you type your instructions so we can be notified. We can see exactly where you clicked, what the issue is, and get it taken care of.

Yes, we can stop and reduce website contact form spam. Most form spam is submitted by bots (aka, software). We can implement captcha challenges, calculation fields, invisible fields, custom message routing, and other measures to reduce web form spam.

Yes, we can fix mobile website issues and errors. Whether something is appearing squished or not appearing at all, let us know what it is so we can get started.

We fix everything from tap-to-call phone links, scrolling and touch issues, design problems, mobile functional errors, and more. And if you want something to only appear on mobile but not on desktop, we can do that too.

Yes, we can fix your broken WordPress website and get it back online. We'll typically start with troubleshooting the issue. We can then look at plugin compatibility issues and attempt to roll back your site software. We may also look for available patches that can be uploaded to correct the error. If none of the above work, we can restore your website back using the latest daily backup that we have on file.

Yes, our WordPress management service includes daily plugin, theme, and WordPress version updates done by our team. If something goes wrong, we can fix the issue, revert to a previous version, or even reinstall a backup of your site. We make daily backups of your website with this purpose in mind - plugin errors, mistakes, hacks, etc.

Yes, we can fix critical errors and other plugin update issues. Sometimes we're able to modify or patch the plugin code itself. In complex cases, we can develop a script or plugin that prevents the issue from happening again if it's a recurring problem. Oftentimes, the issue is known to the plugin developer and they're working to release a fix in the next update. In that case, we'll simply revert your plugin back to the previous version until a fix in the next update becomes available. 

While we update all your plugins, themes, and WordPress versions on a daily basis, there are rare cases where certain plugins should not be updated. We can lock such a plugin so our team doesn't accidentally update it.

Custom WordPress themes can be problematic because they don't receive updates from the original developer / designer. Commercial WordPress themes (which can be customized) are more commonplace and reliable because they tend to receive regular updates (at least the popular and well supported ones do). 

Depending on your unique situation and current issues, we might be able to custom code updates for your theme if the issues are minor. However, if the issues are widespread and only getting worse, we can rebuild your site on a commercial theme that receives regular updates and compatibility fixes.

Yes, we can speed up slow sites. How much we can improve performance is largely based on your hosting server, but there are things we can do with caching and compression to optimize your website's performance and speed. We can help with caching, CDN setups, hosting changes, and more.

If you'd like to check your website's speed (aka "Load Time"), check out this free speed test tool called Pingdom.

Yes. We can restore your website to a previous version. Our service includes daily website backups. So if the problem occurred today, we can restore yesterday's version.

We store between 30-90 days of daily website backups on file. All backups are stored on our secure cloud server away from your website and hosting server where mistakes, problems, hacks, or malware might occur.

More Features

Our WordPress troubleshooting service is more than website fixes - see all the other features you get.

Get a personal expert assigned to you and your website. We're on call when you need an edit, design change, or fix. Whether you have requests or not, we stay busy with daily website maintenance and security tasks. Our tasks include daily plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress updates, malware scans, malware removal, 24/7 uptime monitoring, daily backups and more. Let us keep your site secure, up to date, and solve any problems along the way.

No contract. No risk.

Our website management services are month-to-month. We don’t contract our business – we earn it every month. Let us handle your website changes, fixes, maintenance, and security. Give us a try.