WordPress backup service

Daily website backups

Protect your website with our WordPress backup service. We make daily copies of your website on our secure cloud server. If your site goes down, your backups won't go with it. There's no impact to your storage or site speed since our servers do all the work. And when it comes to restoring a backup, we'll do that for you too.

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Insurance for your website

SetMySite is your backup plan for mistakes, crashes, and hacks. You have insurance for everything else - we'll provide it for your website. We make a daily copy of your website and store those backups for up to 90 days on our secure cloud servers.

When you first sign up with SetMySite, we'll make a full website and database backup. Then, each day, we use incremental backups to save your latest website changes and updates. Backing up changes separately from the full site copy allows us to restore all of it or only the parts you need. We can recover a broken section without losing recent changes on the working sections. Plugins, databases, and files are all stored separately for flexibility and recovery speed.

No impact on speed or storage

Our backups won't slow down your website or take up space. Most backup options decrease speed and max out storage because they're done on your own server / hosting environment. We perform and store your website backups on our own cloud servers. This saves your website server from doing extra work or running out of space.

If something happens to your website or hosting server, our backups are safely stored far away from the incident. This means your backups are clean and unaffected by any current mistakes or malware infections. 

If you already run backups through your host, our WordPress backup service won't affect it. Our cloud servers operate autonomously without interfering with your web host, plugins, or services. You won't notice a thing.

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Smart website recovery & restores

If your website goes down, we'll recover it. Sometimes, only part of a website breaks. Other times, the whole thing crashes. We're prepared to help you recover quickly with both partial and full website restores. 

Our daily backups are done incrementally, saving changes and updates. Files, tables, plugins and other folders are all saved separately. If one section of your website breaks, we can often recover that broken section without overwriting recent changes on the rest of the site.

This makes website restoration quick and accurate since not every file needs to be restored. When you need to recover a single plugin, a lone page, or the entire website, we're ready to do it with 90 days of backups for you to choose from.

Preview backups before recovery

View and login to your backup copy before we restore it. With up to 90 days of daily website backups on file, there's lots of options. If you're not sure which date to restore, we can arrange a backup preview that you can review and test.

If you don't need a preview, we'll just start the restoration process immediately. If you'd like to confirm which version to restore before it goes live, we'll upload your backup to a private staging domain. This will let you view the whole site and even login to see if everything you're looking for is there.

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WordPress backup service

Common Questions

Our website backups will not interfere with any backup processes that you, a plugin, or your hosting company perform. You can keep your current backup processes in place or even add new ones while our website backups run in the background.

No, our daily backups will not slow down your website or impact performance. Our backups are done incrementally, meaning only incremental changes are saved and synced to our off-site servers.

No, our website backups won't take up any storage space on your website or your webhosting server. All daily backups are synced to and stored on our own secure cloud servers. 

We perform daily website backups as an insurance policy. Whether you make a mistake, get hacked, or experience malware, we have you covered.

We perform and store up to 90 days of daily website backups on our secure cloud servers. This means our backups won't take up space on your hosting server. It also means our backups won't be available to any hackers.

If we need to restore a backup of your website, we have multiple days to choose from and can do so quickly.

Depending on your website maintenance plan, we store either 30, 60, or 90 days of daily website backups on file.

If you know when an issue, mistake, or hack occurred, you can provide us the date. If you don't know, we can check our various tracking records to pinpoint an appropriate backup.

In addition to backing up your website, we also track changes, updates, and logins. We also provide security and uptime monitoring, so we can view when a breach occurred, or what specific files might need to be restored rather than restoring the entire site.

Yes. All your daily backups will be available no matter what happens to your website or host. Even if your web hosting server is destroyed by fire, flood, or hacking, we have backups on our secure cloud servers.

While it's not necessary, we do encourage you to make your own website backups as well from time to time. We encourage each client to take personal ownership and responsibility over their site so they never feel solely dependent on us or any other third party. It's your website and business - we're here to enhance your confidence and help you better own, control, and safeguard your website.

In addition to backing up your website files, you also want to make sure you backup your WordPress database. WordPress provides information on database backups here - this is something we do for you everyday.

We do both backups and restorations for you. We'll backup your website every day without you needing to ask. We'll also restore your WordPress website to a previous version upon request.

Depending on the reason or issue, we can do a full website restore, partial website restore, or even a single file restore.  

Yes. Upon request, we can upload any daily backup of your website to a private staging domain for you to preview. This let's you view the site, test it, and even login to the backed up version to confirm that we're restoring the version you want before it goes live.

Not necessarily. We perform incremental backups on a per-file and per-database basis. This means we can restore a single file, a single folder, a single image, video, database table, plugin, or theme version on an individual basis without affecting any other part of the site. 

We can also restore the entire website as a whole overwriting any recent hacks, malware, mistakes, etc. It's up to you how we proceed. We handle both the backup process and restoration process for you. Let us know what file, plugin, or site element is causing the problems and we'll let you know what your options are before we proceed.

Our WordPress backups are stored on a file folder and per database table basis rather than one big file. The benefit to this is that you may not need or want a full website restore. A full website restore will overwrite any changes made to the site since the backup was taken.

Running backups on a per file, per database basis allows us to restore a single file to an entire site. It provides flexibility for any situation.

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