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Sticky Note Tool

Request website help with our digital sticky notes. Our tool let's you leave digital sticky notes right on top of your website. Our team can see exactly where you clicked and what you want. It's like we're right next to you while you point at your screen and explain what you want us to do. Website help is just a click away.

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Leave a digital sticky note

Point, click and type right on top of your website. Our sticky note tool lets you click right on the exact thing you want us to edit or fix. A dot appears where you clicked and a comment box pops up. You can then type instructions, questions or even attach files like pictures, PDFs, Word Docs, and more. We're notified immediately with each request you submit. We can see exactly where you clicked and what you want.

It's easy and extremely quick. In fact it's faster than drafting an email or creating a list. You don't have to explain the page, section or element you're referencing. We can see exactly what you clicked on - skip the descriptions and just tell us what you need. It's like we're sitting next to you while you point at your screen.

We can reply to you

The tool works both ways. We can reply on your comment if we have questions or need clarification. When we reply, you'll get an immediate email notification with a link to your original comment on the site. Now you'll be able to see the exact task we're referencing on your site with our reply underneath your comment. You can then respond.

This keeps every task organized with neatly threaded communications on individual requests. No more long emails with colored responses under bullet point lists or messy screenshots. You'll see a clean and simple digital sticky note on the exact thing we're discussing. If there's communication on a different request, that conversation is neatly organized on a different sticky note. Our website help tool keeps every individual task organized and easy to manage.

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View the status of each task

See the status of every request you leave. Your to-do list and individual requests can be viewed on a per-page or whole-site basis. See what's done and what still needs to be done with our easy pop-out menu.

All your comments and requests can be marked as "Resolved" by you or us. You and our team also have the ability to "Unresolve" a task if further adjustments or discussions are needed.

When tasks get resolved, they disappear from view to keep things neat and clutter-free. However, you can make them reappear and view your resolved tasks as needed. 

We see what you see... and more

Technical data is recorded to help us fix issues quickly. We can see your screen size, browser, operating system, and other technical information. This helps us fix website issues that appear only on certain devices or internet browsers.

It's a huge time saver because we don't have to ask questions that you may not know the answers to. We can determine if an issue is specific to your device or if it's a problem for everyone. 

Each comment also includes a screenshot of the original area you clicked on. This feature is really helpful if we're having an issue seeing the exact element you clicked on, or if we have to refer back to how the site looked previously before we published your website change.

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Mobile Responsive Fixes

We'll fix problems with your mobile layout

Replace Images

We'll swap out old images with new ones


We'll add, remove, and edit slides on your website slideshows

Icons & Graphics

We'll change and edit icons and graphics to match your brand

Fix Menus

We'll add, edit, or remove menu items as well as modify your menu look and layout

Update Contact Details

We'll contact info, operating hours and more

Click To Call

We'll add click to call phone numbers on your mobile website

Custom Contact Forms

We'll modify, customize, and troubleshoot contact forms


We'll prevent form spam, comment spam, and brute force attacks

Text Changes

We'll change any text on your website - titles, paragraphs, slideshows, image captions, and more

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Website help tool

Common Questions

No - your visitors won't see a thing. Only you and our team can see the notes. While the notes are being left on your live site, login is required to create, view or comment on notes. Your site can be covered in notes and requests, but they'll be invisible to visitors.

No. The tool won't slow down your site. All the comments, attachments, and functions are hosted on our servers. The only thing we actually install on your site is a small script so that our servers can see your website. Your website will continue to function like normal without any performance impacts.

Yes, you can change the status of your request. You can mark a request as "Resolved" or even "Unresolve" it if you need further adjustments. You can also edit your original comment and add additional comments underneath.

Yes! You can bold, italicize, and underline text in your comments. You can also use bullet points or numbers to create lists on each note. Links, embed codes, and copy/paste all work.

Yes. You can attach files with any request you have. If you're instructing us to change a picture on the website, attach the replacement picture to your instructions. You can also attach Word Docs, PDFs, Zip files, and more.

Yes - our website request tool works on mobile devices. Whether it's your phone, tablet, or laptop, you can send requests from anywhere. Click, tap or touch to leave a comment with your instructions. Get website help while you're on the go.

Users get notified immediately by email. The email contains a preview of the comment along with a button link to view it on your site. When you click the "View Comment" button, it takes you to the page and scrolls you right to the section where the comment is. You can then view the comment, reply, or change the status.

If you'd like to see how this particular notification function works, watch our full version of the tool demo here.

We create a unique login link from our server where you can enter your username and password. Once logged in, you'll be redirected to your website's home page. At that point, the tool will appear and you browse your site like a regular visitor would. When you get to the page, section or element you want us to edit just point, click, and comment.

We recommend bookmarking the login link and saving your login credentials to your browser for super easy and fast access to the Website Request Tool any time you need to submit a website change request.

The tool typically has your webmaster, an assistant, and our general team as users on the tool in addition to you. We have multiple users assigned to your site for backup and collaboration on high volume tasks. This helps In case your webmaster is ever out of the office or we need multiple people to complete a high number of tasks on your site.

Typically, we only allow one point of contact from your business to be a user on the tool. While exceptions can be made at an additional cost, we've found having multiple users from your team can exhaust your monthly time quicker than expected. This is due to conflicting requests or one person being unaware of the other's request volume. We recommend that groups or partners use a single account and shared email address. This keeps your team's decision makers on the same page and promotes consensus before sending requests.

More Features

Our website management service is more than a website help tool - see all the other features you get.

Get a personal expert assigned to you and your website. Your dedicated website manager is on-call to handle requests, answer questions, and get website tasks done for you. Whether or not you need something, we keep busy with daily website maintenance and security tasks. We update plugins daily, fix errors, scan and remove malware, provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, make daily backups and more. Let us keep your site healthy, secure and up to date.

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