Website reporting & health checks

Monthly website reports

Receive easy-to-read website reporting direct to your inbox. Get a summary of our daily maintenance and security tasks - plugin updates, malware removal, firewall stats, number of daily backups on file, and more. See what we've been doing on your website everyday over the last 30 days. And see it every month.  

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Tablet with website reporting shows daily WordPress plugin updates, theme updates, and more

Daily maintenance & security

We check your site every day for plugin updates, malware, and more. Your monthly report will show what plugins, themes, and WordPress versions we updated for you. You'll see when we did it along with previous and current versions listed. You'll also see the dates of daily website backups we made and the total number backups currently stored on our secure cloud servers.

Our website reporting provides easy-to-read firewall graphs, malicious login attempts, malware status, uptime stats, and more. We summarize all our daily maintenance and security tasks so you know what we're doing. Your report is automatically emailed to you every month.

Easy-to-read summaries

Get a summary of website vitals in a quick and easy report. You don't have to be a website expert to understand our website reporting. We break things down in simple visuals and common language. Organized sections and graphs give you everything in a glance. And if you need more information, details are available.

Your website report is automatically emailed as a PDF every month. View it on any device, download and archive it, or simply print it to paper. We make your website reporting easy - easy to read with easy access. No login required; no additional passwords to remember. We deliver it straight to your inbox. You can't miss it.

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Questions are personally answered

If you have questions about your website report, we have answers. You can always can contact our general team with questions, but most of our plans include a dedicated website manager that's assigned to you and your website. This is the expert who is performing all the daily maintenance and security tasks in conjunction with our team.

Your dedicated site manager is happy to personally answer any questions you have. If you want more information, more details, or just want to hear a human voice explain something, it's only a phone call or email away with your website manager. Call them on their direct line or send a message to their personal email.

Daily website health check

Get a regular website health check. Our monthly website reporting isn't just about the daily work we do on your website. It's also about daily checks for problems and concerning troublesome patterns.

If we're noticing an increase in downtime, it could mean your site will soon outgrow it's current hosting environment. If malware is a recurring issue, there may be a backdoor infection on the server rather than your site.

Our monthly reports detail the website health checks we do everyday.

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Website reporting & health checks

Common Questions

Yes, we can send your report to multiple recipients. If you have a partner or board members that also want to receive a copy of your report, send us their emails so we can include them in our monthly website reporting delivery.

Your monthly website report contains details relating to main website vitals such as maintenance, security, and current health. You'll see all of our daily activities summarized: number of daily website backups performed and stored; any malware found and removed; what plugin updates were performed; when WordPress version and theme updates took place; firewall statistics; login attempts blocked; and more.

We also typically report if any custom maintenance or troubleshooting was performed if pertinent (PHP updates, database updates, HT Access file corrections, etc).

Yes. In most cases, the report may show issues we've already fixed or tasks we've already performed. However, if there's an outstanding issue or something you've noticed, we'll fix it. Some issues may require your input or some type of action on your part (e.g. update billing info, contact domain registrar, etc). However, we try to handle as much for you as possible without bugging you.

Absolutely. Our general team is available via email. If your plan includes a dedicated webmaster, you can call or email your dedicated website manager directly. They'll be familiar with the tasks and items shown in your report because they perform them in conjunction with our team.

In addition to our reports, WordPress provides real time site health status that you can check anytime. The WordPress site health status page can sometimes provide false positives, or create concern where there's not much to worry about. If you have a question about your WP Site Health page, our report, or anything else just let us know.

We automatically send out reports each month that detail the last 30 days of activities. However, we understand if you can't wait or special circumstances arise. If you need your report earlier, or you need more than 30 days of activity, simply let us know. We're happy to accommodate.

Technically no, but we recommend that you do. While you don't need to login to your site or update anything since we do it for you, we strongly recommend you login to your website once a month. This gives you an opportunity to verify what we're doing. It also let's you see if we missed something. Set a monthly calendar reminder to check up on your website.

In addition to logging in, we recommend you view the front end of your website. Take a look at what visitors are seeing. You may find a typo or something that's visually out of place. Monitoring systems won't detect bad grammar or subjective visual issues. If you notice issues like this, we can fix them. Use our Sticky Note Tool to click on the exact issue you want us to correct.

Many website problems can be easily prevented through regular maintenance and security. While other companies simply report on issues or notify you of problems, we actually take action on a daily basis to prevent problems. Rather than getting reports with a to-do list, our website reporting shows you a "done list."

Accountability is important. We want to show you that we're doing all the things we promise to do. In addition to details on our work, the reports are also helpful in identifying concerning patterns and growing problems.

Yes. We've seen cases where someone's website was down for months and they didn't even know. We've also seen businesses lose their domain names because they expired and the notification emails went to spam.

We understand you don't have the interest or time to check your website vitals, look for issues, or fix website problems. Our daily website maintenance and security activities ensure that your website's health is checked and monitored everyday.

In rare cases, yes. In most cases, no action is necessary on your part because we handle all of the maintenance, security, and troubleshooting tasks for you.

However, there may be times when your input or action is required. One example is when a plugin license expires. When this happens, we're unable to update the plugin until you renew the license or purchase a new one from the plugin developer.

We deliver your website report by email right to your inbox each month. The report comes as a PDF attachment that you can view online, download and save, or even print.

We typically email reports on or around your monthly billing date. If you'd like to receive your report on a specific date each month, just let us know. We're happy to accommodate.

More Features

Our website reporting service is more than summaries and a website health check - see all the other features you get.

Get a dedicated website manager assigned to you and your website. We offer full website management, maintenance, and security. Need a website edit, design change, or a WordPress fix? We'll handle all these tasks for you. We also perform daily website maintenance and security actions without request. We update plugins daily, fix errors, scan and remove malware, provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, make daily backups and more. Let us keep your site healthy, secure and up to date.

No contract. No risk.

Our website management services are month-to-month. We don’t contract our business – we earn it every month. Let us handle your website changes, fixes, maintenance, and security. Give us a try.