Let us do it for you. Get a personal webmaster on-call to handle all your website needs.



Website Management Services, Website Management, Webmaster ServicesLet us do it for you. Get a personal webmaster on-call to handle all your website needs.


Webmaster services you can rely on.

We’ll handle all your website requests, changes, edits, maintenance, updates, security, and more.

Personal webmaster.

Direct phone line support.

Personal email support.

Plus this… watch

“Web Guys” are everywhere.
But great service is hard to find.

Speak with the same person every time. Be on a first-name basis with a reliable webmaster who’s dedicated to your website. “Personal webmaster services” means having your webmaster’s personal phone line and email. You can get straight through to the person most familiar with your site anytime you need anything. Whether it’s website management services and edits or even a whole website redesign, we can help with all your website maintenance service needs. View some of our clients below.

Dependable Website Management Services

A premium website management service means premium features. You’ll get personal one-on-one support with your very own US-based webmaster who is dedicated to your site. You’ll also get access to our website request tool – point, click and type instructions right on top of your site. And if you ever just need to chat or consult, your webmaster is only a phone call or email away. Check out some other features of our website management services.

Personal Webmaster

Talk to the same person every time. No phone trees. No voice systems. No waiting on hold. Get straight through to your webmaster on their direct phone line or personal email.

Changes Done For You

Hate updating your website or just don’t know how? We’ll do all your updates, edits, and troubleshooting for you. Let us know what you need and we’ll handle it.

Website Request Tool

Leave us a digital sticky note right on your site. Our tool shows the exact area you clicked, your instructions, and even attachments. It’s like we’re right next to you while you point at your screen.

Web Design

Your webmaster can help you create new pages, redesign current ones, or even redesign your whole site. Just give us your ideas or examples and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that simple.

SEO Tools

We can audit your website for search opportunities. And if your site is on WordPress, we can install professional SEO tools that will give you real-time feedback on each page.

Drag & Drop Editing

Want to edit more of the website yourself? We can install a drag-and-drop editor that lets you easily modify your site’s text, imagery, or layout. No coding or experience required – just a couple clicks.

100% Mobile Responsive

Need to make your site mobile-friendly? We’ll get your website looking great on any device from desktop monitors and laptops to iPhones, Androids, iPads or tablets.

Website Maintenance

We specialize in website maintenance services. We can handle your plugin, theme, and WordPress updates. We also handle 3rd party integrations, bug troubleshooting and more.

Website Security

We’ll keep you secure. We can install uptime monitoring, firewalls, scan for malware, block brute force attacks, setup two-factor authentication, schedule regular backups and more.

Having a personal webmaster on-call is priceless. Anytime I need a website change, he’s just a phone call or email away. SetMySite’s team is the real deal.

– Phillip Palmer

ABC Channel 7 | Los Angeles
Phillip Palmer Invitational

How our website management services work

1. Tell Us What You Need

Use our website request tool to leave a digital sticky note or call and email your personal webmaster directly.

2. We'll Update Your Website

Most website requests are completed in 24 hours or less during business days. If it’s going to take longer, we’ll let you know.

3. We'll Maintain Your Website

We can handle your website’s security, uptime monitoring, plugin updates, theme updates, and more.

4. On-Call When You Need Us

Based in the United States and ready to help. You’ll have your webmaster’s direct phone number and personal email.

We Small Businesses

Website Maintenance Services For Growing Businesses

We specialize in web design and website maintenance services for traditional small businesses. From hair salons and attorneys to HOA website management and design, we can help with everything from design and edits to plugin updates, theme updates, and WordPress updates done for you.













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