Client Background

Strandz is a family-owned barbershop and hair salon. They have a great reputation and are a staple in their community. When we spoke with the team at Strandz, they made it known that they were quite unhappy with their old website design. It was lackluster and didn’t inspire confidence. They needed something that was updated and current, but something that was also simple and gave off a “family-owned and operated” vibe.

Design Concept

This was a fun concept to work on. We had to blend a couple of styles into one to pull this off. We wanted to infuse the old Greek Revival style architecture of their hometown, Mendham. But we also wanted to bring the website into the current decade. Finally, we needed to convey that Strandz was a family business that could appeal to men, women and children of all ages. We used modern images to make the look current and infused elements of white wood with splashes of blue and red color to give it that barbershop feel. The resulting website stands head and shoulders over most barbershop style websites. It is clean, easy to use, and modern at the same time.

Client Feedback

“Working with Mark and Billy and the rest of the SetMySite team has been wonderful. I love my website. It’s so much better than what I thought was even possible. The website was done on time. The design is excellent. And the support is top notch. Thanks guys!”

Maggie R.
Owner at Strandz Family Haircare


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