Client Background

David is a world-class, award-winning violin maker and appraiser. His pieces are highly sought after throughout the world. You can even see him appraising string instruments on PBS’s highly acclaimed Antiques Roadshow. David contacted us about setting up an online appraisals website where he’d be able to appraise peoples’ instruments from all over the world, right through his website. The idea was simple enough. Allow customers to submit pictures and information about their instrument over the web. With that information, David could appraise the instrument and digitally deliver the appraisal for a nominal fee.

Design Concept

This design concept was inspired by two things: New York and wood. New York because that’s where David is based. Wood, because violins are made of wood. By combining the two elements we were able to create an incredibly appealing visual that helps David stand out from other appraisers. The wide-screen concept infused moving pictures with clear calls to action and easy navigation for the ultimate user experience.

Client Feedback

“I am incredibly happy with my website and your service. You guys did a really remarkable job. Thank you”

David B.

Owner at New York Violin Consulting


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