Client Background

Al contacted SetMySite way back in 2012, when we were still designing static, desktop view only, pure html websites. Before getting in touch with us, he went the do-it-yourself route. He wasn’t happy with what he built. It’s a story we’re very familiar with. We took his original concept and ran with it. The end result isn’t what you’ll see on his actual website today. It was a beautiful, informational static website that was excellent for its time. But as Al’s business grew, so too did his website needs. And as the technology that powers the web improved, SetMySite improved with it. Al upgraded his previous static site to a new, CMS-powered, mobile responsive ecommerce/catalog website which is what you’ll see today.

Design Concept

The concept behind the current design was a blend of Al’s previous static website that SetMySite built, and today’s popular design trends that put an emphasis large, full-screen style imagery. Since the beginning, Al’s websites have had a dark background with light text. We’ve maintained that theme on his current site as well. While Al’s previous site used only black and white images, this current website bucks that trend using full-color, highly edited images to add extra interest to the site’s most important areas. This website was particularly challenging because we had to blend an informational website with an ecommerce/catalog website.

Client Feedback

“My old site that you built me was great. But this new website is simply outstanding. We appreciate everything you guys have done for us. You have a life-long client.”

Al Z.

Owner at Zeiss Battery


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