Client Background

Phillip Palmer is the weekday morning anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles, CA. A strong supporter of organ donation, Phillip donated a kidney to his friend, Dale Davis, in March 2007. This was the catalyst for Palmer’s charity program whose mission is to raise money to help children who require organ transplants. The Phillip Palmer Invitational / Golf For Kids is an annual, single-day event where golfers can register for a day of games, golf, and dinner where all proceeds go to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. To date, The Phillip Palmer Invitational / Golf For Kids has raised over $300,000.

Design Concept

This is our second design for Phillip Palmer and Golf For Kids. For this concept, we wanted to create something that was remarkably different that most websites you see around the web. We wanted to use a lot of color and infuse images of past events for a clean and modern look and feel. When it comes to modern website design, there are 2 main ways to setup the backdrop layout – either a wide / full width design, or a boxed design. A wide / full-width design spans the entirety of the computer screen, from left to right, with no visual borders. A boxed design uses a box or frame to section-off the main area of the website from the margins. We wanted to create a hybrid of these two styles with this design. The homepage uses a standard full-width look, while the website’s inner pages showcase a variation of boxed design, where all of the elements on the page are boxed in. The end result is a sophisticated design with a unique and attention-grabbing look and feel.

Client Feedback

“It’s more than just a website – you get a web team on-call. Anytime I need any website changes, it’s just a phone call or email away. SetMySite is the real deal.”

Phillip P.

Philanthropist and News Anchor


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