Common Questions About Our Website Management Services

Yes, we offer online marketing services in addition to our website management services. Our online marketing services include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Facebook Advertising, Positive Review Generation, Content Writing, Social Media Management and more. If you’d like a quote, have questions, or just want to pick our brain about what might be right for you, click here to contact us.

Yes, we offer SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) in addition to our website management services. While all our website management plans come with initial optimization and SEO tools for you to use yourself, we offer continuing search engine optimization done for you as an ongoing marketing service to help rank your website higher for different search phrases. This service includes both on-site and off-site SEO. If you’d like to get a consultation and pricing on our SEO services, click here to contact us.

Our website management services vary in price depending on the size, features, and support you need. The current plans range between $99/mo – $149/mo and website design is included. Each plan includes your own personal account manager, custom web design done for you, ongoing edits and updates done for you, cloud login access, easy drag and drop tools, premium website hosting, security, backups, troubleshooting, and support. You can get more details by visiting our Features page and our Pricing page.

No, we do not require an upfront design fee or deposit. We design and build your whole website for the cost of your first month. Custom web design is included with our website management services, so there are no upfront design fees or deposits. You can view our various monthly prices by visiting our Pricing page. All our plans are truly month-to-month and you can cancel anytime; no contracts and no cancellation fees.

Exact turnaround time varies based on multiple factors such as the complexity of your project’s requirements and needs; the quality of information you provide to us in your questionnaire; and our project calendar. We take clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. As a general rule, we say the the preliminary design will be complete and ready for you to review in 2-4 weeks.

Some people ask us, “Why does it take 2-4 weeks? Another company said they’ll have my website done in 2 days?”

We here this question a lot, but there’s a simple answer. All of our websites are custom, designed from scratch, and based on the ideas and examples you give us. Building something of quality that is unique to your specific taste takes time. Anyone who promises to finish your site in a couple days is not building you a custom website – they are simply customizing a pre-built website template. In other words, they’re taking a website that’s already built and changing the colors; changing the phone number to yours; swapping out the old logo for your logo; and switching out the previous pictures for your pictures.

If you’re okay with someone using a website template to build your site, we highly suggest you save the money and do it yourself for pennies on the dollar by using a DIY service. There’s no reason to pay someone a premium price to do what you can do yourself. However, if you want a custom website that is unique, hand-crafted around your ideas, specifically designed for your target market, tailored to your business, and built to make you look better than your competitors, then we’re the company for you.

Your old website will stay online while we create your new one so there is no downtime. Once you’ve had a chance to view your new website design, your revisions are completed, and you’re ready to go live, we’ll point your domain name to our server and your new website will go online. Your old website will remain on your old hosting server (it will not be publicly visible or accessible), so if you ever choose to cancel your subscription with SetMySite, you have the ability to revert back to your old website. However, keep in mind you’ll need to continue paying for hosting from your previous hosting company in order to maintain your old website.

Yes, we can manage your current website’s ongoing edits, updates and changes. If you already have website hosting and are happy with your design, we can be your webmaster. You have two pricing options with our webmaster services. You can hire us on an hourly basis anytime you need something done at a rate of $99/hr. You can also get a discount by keeping us on retainer each month under our Webmaster Plan. Our Webmaster Plan is $79/mo for one hour of edits, updates, and support each month. Any additional hours needed in a month can be done on a discounted hourly rate of $79 per hour. The cost of our Webmaster Plan’s first month is $99 (and $99/hr for any additional hours in the first month), but the price drops to $79/mo for every month thereafter along with the discounted $79/hr rate for any additional hours needed.

Yes. If you don’t need website management services and just need custom website design services, we can help. We offer traditional website quotes and custom estimates. We also offer flat-rate buy out prices for each of our website management plans. That means we can give you a custom quote or offer you a flat rate price for set features. You can also start with on of our management plans (starting at $99/mo) to see what we can do and then purchase your website outright if you like what you see, but don’t want a monthly fee and would prefer to manage the website’s edits, updates, troublshooting, security, backups, and everything else yourself. Our pricing for flat rate purchases on custom web designs starts at $2500. Our pricing for WordPress setup and Theme/Template Installations starts at $350.

Absolutely. We are one of the few hosted services that will actually let you purchase your website outright, take it with you, and do what you please with it. Other hosted services like Wix, Shopify, Weebly, SquareSpace, and others only allow you to use their websites on their platforms. This is because their websites are built using closed-source platforms, meaning they’ll only work on their own hosted platforms. In other words, their website’s cannot be moved and are not interchangeable with different hosts or hosting services.

We build all our website’s on corporate-grade, premium open source platforms making them fully flexible, moveable, and interchangeable. Your site will be built on the same platform used by the NY Times, Sony, UPS, eBay, and more. This means you can purchase the website we build for you and host it with any hosting company you like or on any server you want – even if it’s a server in your office or bedroom.

We offer flat rate pricing for each of our website management plans. You can purchase your website without signing up for a management plan or at any point during your management plan. Just like the monthly management plan pricing, the outright purchase pricing remains the same flat-rate price for as long as your subscription is active and in good standing. Your price will not go up or down as each client gets grandfathered into their pricing for as long as their subscription remains active and in good standing. The monthly and outright purchase prices are as follows for the website’s built under the scope and features of our website management plans:

Value Plan Website: $99/mo – or – $2,500 outright purchase
Vision Plan Website: $129/mo – or – $4,500 outright purchase price
Venture Plan Website: $149/mo – or – $6,500 outright purchase price

Yes. Our team will create a full website redesign based on today’s hottest trends combined with tried-and-true layouts to create something unique, modern, and tailored to your business. It’s included with your subscription.

You can cancel service any time. There are no penalties for cancellation. Upon cancelation, your website will go down (offline) immediately or once the current billing period expires. At that point, you will no longer be billed for service. There are no refunds. If you wish to sign backup at a later date, you may be subject to a one-time reactivation fee and will be subject to current pricing at the time of reactivation (you will not be grandfathered into your pricing if you cancel).

You also have the option to purchase your website outright, at which point you will have access to every single source file and you can host the website where ever you please. You will own everything at the point and are free to do whatever you like with the website.

Nope. There is no contract for our website management services and you can cancel any time. Our service is truly month to month and there are no cancellation fees nor are there any outstanding balances as our services are charge upfront each month. You simply agree to our Terms & Conditions of service which outlines how everything works.

Please note, if you are not using our website management services and are instead hiring us as a contractor to simply design a custom site that you will then own, control, and manage yourself, there is a contract that outlines deposits, installements, etc – however, there is no contractual obligations with our website management service plans as advertised on the site. If we’re creating a custom solution for you that falls outside the scope of our core subscription products and features, we may create a unique contract specifically for your needs should a custom solution require it.


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